First of all meaning of the acupressure is applying pressure with the fingers to specific pressure points on the body for treatment of symptoms.

Mother Nature has gifted the human body with many self-healing energies or vital energy. In India this essential energy is known as ‘Pran’, and in China it is known as ‘Chi’. The resources of these self-healing energies in the human body are generated in identifiable paths called meridians. Each of these particular paths or meridians has nerve centres and reflex points to store energy in them. So, acupressure is the treatment practiced by pressing these reflex points of these meridians of the affected part of the body that enables one to restore the normal energy flow in the particular part of the body.

This healing aid is given by identifying the reflex part of the patient’s body and by putting appropriate pressure on the reflex point of the affected part without using any drug.

This art of oral healing has been practiced for the past 5000 years in countries like Korea, China, Japan and India. The method of treatment has been verified and proved by the scientific methods. In the western methods of surgery, to practice this art, the surgeon should have in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the human body.

The meridians can be classified under two heads:

Yin of Female Meridians: sometimes with reinforcing, revitalising functions.

Yang or Male Meridians: sometimes with protective functions.

The unbalanced flow can occur in the path of meridians or vital energy, when tiny crystals build-up on the end of the nerve or vein. This coagulated energy flow leads to sores and becomes painful at specific reflex points on the particular meridians. To practice acupressure one has to apply pressure on the reflex points to remove the blockade from the meridians.

In fact, any disorder or disease is caused due to the imbalance of Chi and Xue in the human body. Controlling and channelising the above in a proper way can cure the ailment. The pros and cons of the multifaceted physiochemical, metabolic and other processes based on the activities that are responsible for causing a disease and also for speedy healing or cure when revitalise to affect a cure. The result is basically obtained by transferring all the way through the central nervous system and the circulatory system by application of pressure on the surface.

Sometimes the human bodies get experience of different forms in the normal execution or sometimes one finds sudden changes in the structure of various body organs. This arouses the pain in their adjoining reflex points, especially on the hands and feet. When acupressure is practiced on the reflex points located on the parts of feet and legs, it is called foot reflexology. And, when the acupressure is practiced on the reflex points in hands, it is called hand reflexology.

Normal functions and structures of the organs can be restored, by applying appropriate pressure on those painful reflex points that lead to a quick cure. Many researchers have tested that pain can be decreased and controlled by acupressure. And these proofs made them believe that this may be partly due to discharge of a particular type of enzymes known as endorphins.

Acupressure works on the following principles that is distinct from the other principles:

  • Reinforcing in case of deficiency of the vital energy.
  • If necessary, control excess of vital energy.
  • Removing block if any in the flow of vital energy.
  • Establish or Re-establish the energy equilibrium.
  • Towards achieving proper to better homoeostasis.
  • Alleviate Pain.
  • Natural Cure.
  • Energize the deficient organs for recovery, remove toxins and harmful objects
  • Alleviate pain.
  • Natural cure.
  • Give a feeling of true well being.

Acupressure has a number of advantages, as a natural healing process:

  • It has practically no side effects.
  • It does not necessitate expensive diagnostic tests.
  • It improves health on the whole, and has its effect on the entire body rather than a particular area.
  • Some forms of Acupressure are absolutely painless.
  • It is effective. Often faster recovery and results are seen than by the conventional treatments.
  • It is very cost effective. Costs are very less while the results are very good.
  • It is natural mode of treatment.
  • Not only the symptoms of a particular disease but also its roots cause are eliminated.
  • It does not aggravate any system.
  • It improves health on the whole, and has its effects on the entire body rather than a particular area.
  • It can be used to diagnose several health problems.

Even with all these merits and benefits, acupressure could not achieve the status of a complete treatment method. Before experiencing an acupressure session one should take take of some points. There are many critical situations when the patient should not be recommended to take the session acupressure:

  • It should never be used as the only treatment for illness; if you are sick then see a doctor first.
  • If the point in question is under a mole, wart, varicose vein, abrasion, bruise, cut, or any other bread in the skin, then it should not be stimulated.
  • Patients suffering from heart problem should not undergo acupressure sessions.
  • Pregnant women, especially with three months pregnancy should not undertake an acupressure session.

In acupressure, the process and technique of applying pressure differs from case to case. So, the results vary from person to person in order to bring a normal flow of energy in the meridians. Moreover, it is always suggested that one should approach experienced and knowledgeable person for treatment.

According to acupressure theory, five elements exist in the human body. It is not just practicing the pressing particular acupoints, but it is oriented on the theory of these five elements. It has basically followed the Ayurveda and other ancient theories. Each of these five elements release essential energy for the body. It is believed that different kinds of energies are required for different organs, functions and behaviours. There are nutrients and natural agents that effect every movement of the body. Each finger represents a different element and different energy that is directly related to emotions and functions of the brain. The qualities of these five elements affect the human body so, they can be used appropriately during the course of acupressure.

An experienced professional of alternative medicines should have expertise in the diagnosis of the disorder and its causes, determine the right treatment for each patient, monitor the progress and adapt the treatment that suits the patient and apply the therapy that would fully cure a disease. Acupressure helps to increase endurance of the body and its natural immune system. This art is useful for rapid and enduring treatment of various disorders. It is very effective in the critical cases of chronic ailments and it has produced quick, successful, stable and cost effective cures.

Miracles of Life

A miracle is something that is not understood by reason or controlled by the senses or with technical instruments. Now days, it is possible to control the waves from the brain through a machine or take a reading of indispensable energy. In the olden times, this technology was not available and it was a miracle.

There are still many mysteries of nature that are not scientifically established, but this does not mean that they do not exist. But, the greatest miracle in the universe is love – complete love. It is the one true power that is able to move everything. When you understand this phenomenon, then everything will be miracle in your life.

Another miracle is the Vibration. It is also the first sound, ‘OM’. The more pronunciation is helpful to the people. Everything in the universe is vibration, alive or alert and existing.

Another miracle is ‘life’ from microscope to human, which is also a vibration. The same vibration is in the macrocosmos, in the sky with the stars and galaxies, or in your body with its cells and microbes. Yet another miracle is chemistry. In the universe, everything is controlled in its perfect order. Everything in the universe is controlled and directed by force. And there are many laws that you still don not know. The mind is very powerful – creative as well as destructive, and you are completely unaware about how it works. But in a spontaneous way you know how vast the mind is, and also how powerful the heart is.

There are a few laws that you can follow to live in a healthier way. While everything vibrates there is polarity in everything it is called the Yin and Yang principle. The humans are beings with an impulse and with the breath there is a flow of the breath. Breath being a part of your vibrating self is like vibration, a miracle. Life is breath.

Every being has two cycles in of the breath in their cells. This is live vibration, and it is very important to become constantly conscious of this fact.

For example, there are many good exercise in bio energy and Kriyayoga to exercise your cycle of breath. Because the air has the vital energy and all ancient culture have this knowledge, you should learn not to waste it at any moment in your lives. You must accept breath as a miracle and it is necessary to learn to breathe completely and consciously, not only using the lungs, but also swelling the abdomen area and using and feeling the movement of the diaphragm as well.

This way the energy will reach to all the cells in your body, which will help to you to achieve a better state of mind. The empty stomach represents energy that is called the Yin, which comes from the earth and is female. When you inhale, your lungs are full and the energy is Yang, which comes from space, and is male. Observation and enjoyment is the most important circle in life, you become more amenable to feel energised and happy. You are all the time receiving Yin energy from the earth and Yang energy from the sky, just like a battery. When the battery is loaded you feel energised. Then you energetic body becomes great and strong, and you become more sensitive to receiving other energetic stimuli from other people and other things and you get more information from your own intuition. Energy flows in a better way through your meridians, and your chakras becomes more open and work in a better way.

Vibrating in Harmony

It is essential to have a very pure way of life, to practice the physical and the mental balance. Here it has been discussed, a little about how to have a more ordinary and pure life, to be able to vibrate in accord with the universe. Talking about  breath, you should understand why it is so important to breathe air that is as pure as possible. It is also important in the interest of polarity. Artificial conditions are unhealthy. Artificial materials, in building and decoration or electrical machines that produce ionic inbalance, electro-magnetism and radioactivity lead to negative results. Synthetic materials and machines like air-conditioners produce positive ions that are unhealthy and affect the nerves and create stress and tension. It is better to use a fan than an air-conditioner. Plants and natural matter on the other hand, create space with negative ions that are good for health.

The mind is very powerful, and if it is really clean, then a miracle is possible. You can be stronger to protect yourselves against unhealthy agents. But this an extra effort, and as far as possible you must try to live in a natural way. Sometimes you cannot avoid living in an infected area, but you can avoid smoking, for example.

It is also important to observe who prepares or touches your food, and where, with whom, when and how you take your food with. It is important to take food always with a thankful and happy feeling. You also need to pay the attention to the composition, combination and quality of the food.

Sometimes, it is necessary to have a cleansing diet, taking only fruits, and if possible, fasting. It is very good to fast or go on a light diet, particularly when you are very busy or worried. It is also very important at the time of eating to be entirely relaxed and feel this time as sanctified as possible. Concerning diet, in Ayurveda there is a method of selecting the kinds of food that are good for you, depending on the human beings’ rage and constitution.


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