In an acupressure session, the therapist should employ different ways of putting pressure on the reflex points including reflexology. The intensity of pressure to be enforced generally differs from person to person and in various parts of the body. The main point is that the reflex areas are treated in the correct manner while employing the pressure. Otherwise, the expected result will not be achieved. Finger-tips are used for giving massage that also helps to release the point of contraction. There is another point that the finger nails  should be neither too long nor too short. The tips of fingers are usually used for the most sensitive areas like the spaces between the eyes and eyebrows, relevant points on head and points anywhere on the body that need to be pressed cautiously.

There are many methods by which the therapist puts pressure and achieves comfort. In some cases, it is essential to press at the neurolymphatic points, between ribs and thighs, at the articulation ares, the external side and on the gall bladder meridian.

A few methods that are frequently used are:


In the course of pumping, the pressure is enforced by pressing the thumb pad on the reflex points. Pressure must be applied and released alternately.


The thumb should be rotated either clockwise or anti-clockwise on every reflex point, simultaneously. While rotating, the thumb is kept in contact with the reflex point so that steady pressure is being enforced. Anti-clockwise movement and relaxed by clockwise movements arouse the pressure points of the meridian.

Some continuous movement:


The theory of energy is applied for breathing. It works in the similar manner as all other therapies. The application of the Breath is used in a similar way as it is used in bio-energy exercises. When the pressure is applied the Breath is held inside. The patient is asked neither to keep his lungs completely filled nor absolutely empty. The patient should be put at the ease during the whole session. So that the patient can feel the energy flow for the appropriate effect during the treatment. The same suggestion is given while the breath is held inside to send essential energy to the blocked point. The movement energy reaches blocked points, an electric pricks immediately releases the blocks and the patient feels relaxed.

During the treatment, psychological and emotional sensations are aroused simultaneously with the application of the pressure which is essential. If a patient is feeling uncomfortable or suffering from some critical disease, a lot of energy is emanated that strives to trace the next priority point. The pressure evaporates when the patient has belief in the capability to acquire expected result from the treatment. Then, the patient will build up enough ability to face difficulties on his own. Acupressure will build up his/her mind and soul,  could enable him/her to maintain the stress levels. Such a state is known as detachment. In the process of making the acupressure session more effective, the patient should find out the root cause of the disorder and the main cause of his discontentment. Also the patient should feel the pressure and experience the changes brought by them in his body.

During the session, the therapist defines the nature of the pain and requirement of the patient, and it is enforced according to the pressure. A strong willed patient, who can hold his breath patiently, can put the appropriate pressure on the reverent points more strongly and frequently. It will allow the therapist to give effective results and even the pains can be released at a very rapid manner. The therapist applies the tips of the three or fingers by giving mild strokes that enables him to relief the patient. To conclude, the therapist finds the small points that are to be pressed with any kind of blunt piercing object known as ‘jimmy’. But if it is not available then, a nail or the blunt end of a pencil can be used to press points at ears, head, hand or feet. They worked like they are located on the most exterior surface of the skin. It is suggested that the therapists should not give the strong pressure, but a mild stroke on a small surface can emit the energy flow, In shiatsu, some experts do not use the theory of putting pressure on any point. Instead they contemplate their whole concentration and power on them to affect the patient. But this method can not be applied in usual situations, as the process requires highly elevated state of consciousness. On the other hand, this can be acquired by knowledge and when the expert becomes highly sensitive to energy and receptive to the minimum imbalance produced by the energy.

How To Find Meridians On The Body

For recognising the meridians and reflex points on the human body, the study of the energy channels is the most important aspect of acupressure. The signals showed by the patient’s body led the therapists to move according to its priorities. However it is the most important aspect for him to know the meridians and the relevant points that are to convey relief to the patient.

An important point that has been mentioned before is that the meridians are channels through which vital energy flows. In China, it is believed that there are six pairs of Yin and six pairs of Yang, and two singles which are placed in the central part of the trunk of the body, mounting from the descending area of the trunk to the head, which has the front and rear part. The single one is placed on the front and is called conception vessel. It ends just below the lower lip. The one situated at the rear is called Governing Vessel. It ends just above the upper lip.

Three pairs of Yin meridians rise from the legs along the front part of the body, and the rest three pairs ascend from the inner area through the internal part of arms and fingers. Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians are the three pairs that flow from various channels of the foot and toes along the legs and rise to the higher part of the body.

In the Yang meridians they have determined in two parts of each three pairs. The first three pairs flow downward from the head with the body and legs, and the other three pairs flow from the fingers with the external part of the arms to the head.

Stomach, Bladder and Gall Bladder meridians flow downwards along with the body and legs. The Stomach meridian is located in the front part of the body. It gives rise to exactly below the eye, in the middle, at the border of the bone that designs the gap of the eye and flows downward along with the front part of the body and the front part of the leg to the foot.

The Bladder meridian breaks out at the split channel and climbs up to the head, moving its way to the backside of the head. After reaching to the neck, it divides into two parts along the rear and reaches the rear part of the knee. The channel ends at the small toe in the foot.

The Gall Bladder meridian approaches downward to its way from the outer part of the edge of the gape of the eye, accurately below the point where the eyebrows end and flows down behind the ear along with the neck to the shoulder, passing along the outer surface of the trunk and the external part of the leg. In the end, it reaches to the small toe of the leg.

There are three pairs of meridians positioned on the outer part of the arms. These are Large intestine meridian, Small intestine meridian and Triple Warmer meridian.

Large Intestine meridian travels from the index finger along with the outer part of the arm and shoulder, neck and face, to the edge of the cheekbone.

The Small  Intestine meridian expels from the nail of the small finger and moves on the manner to the rear part of the arm, passes through the elbow to the shoulder and the upper part of the spine. Then travelling through the neck, it reaches the ear exactly at the jawbone.

The Triple Warmer meridian initiates from the nail of the ring finger, travelling through the backside of the hand and arm, getting to the shoulder. Then they pass through the neck, going at the back of the ear and finishes on the temple.

Apparently, the meridians are generally named after the main organs of the body. Since they are directly connected to their relevant organs and systems in the body. There are some more meridians included in the addition. These are known as subsidiary meridians through which vital energy flows. Therapists study special points on these meridians for healing different troubles. In consequence, there are infinite numbers of points, but only a few are necessary for curing a particular disease. The energy travels through these meridians throughout the lifetime. In the two-hour duration of the stretching, every meridian has only one moment of releasing maximum energy and one moment of releasing minimum energy.

The divided duration of time can be directly understood by a circle, which is divided in twelve parts of two hour each for any one meridian. For example, if the essential energy starts travelling from the liver at 2 a.m., it passes through the lungs, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, pericardium, triple warmer and finally to the gall bladder. Each organ gets two hours. So, you can say that at the end of the day, it passes through the gall bladder from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Moreover, when one of the meridians is retaining its period of maximum energy, the other will contain its moment of minimum energy. For example, if the maximum period of energy for stomach is 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. then during those two hours, the pericardium will be experiencing its travelling period of minimum energy. Similarly, all the meridians take the same duration for travelling to the other point. This routine carries all through the twenty-four hours of the day.

Basically the blockade occurs in these meridians and the energy flow is disturbed, because the body experiences and kind of physical disease or mental pressure. And this stage results as, one meridian would have a higher experience a low level of energy flow. Thus originates the disorder in the energy flow of the body. This disorder in the energy flow is the root cause of any type of the disease. The therapist should be aware of his patient’s reflex points before starting the treatment. The therapist should take extra care of the injured or wounded points. Also to avoid and further complications on such points, the experts prefer to take gentle care after working on the adjacent areas.

Meridians And Its Reflex points

The therapists have great responsibility to search the reflex points after locating the affected meridian. Since a human body has innumerable points, so one cannot treat all the points in the same manner. Also most of these points should not be treated with equal intensity of pressure, so these points would be pressed according to their sensitivity. Usually, the therapist treats all the points during the acupressure session by understanding the sensitivity of the flow of energy.

Many vital points are located in the front surface of the pectoral area between the ribs. These points are very useful when they are rubbed at the traversal way along the ribs. But this method might make the patient feel discomfort and restless, but they are very useful for relaxing the body of the patient. When this method is applied in the correct manner, then the patient can feel the energy flowing through the entire area.

An additional significant point lies in the T area. This can be helpful in the case of the women with mammary gland problems. It is supposed that points in the area are helpful in unleashing women from emotional problems. The reason behind is that these points occupy the blocked energy caused due to hormonal changes urged by stress. When the outer part contracts around these blocked points then it represents the illness or strain causing discomforts to the patient, on the other hand, if the surface around the blocked points stretches, then it indicates internal joy of the person.



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