Although eggs can be eaten in every season, but eating them in winter is something else. Eggs contain many nutritious elements, which are beneficial for your whole body. Eating eggs in winter also keeps the heat in the body, so egg lovers can fulfill their egg eating hobby well in this season.
Eggs are also low in calories and high in protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. However, let us tell you that how the nutrients present in eggs benefit the body, it also depends on the methods of its use. So let us tell you how eating eggs will benefit your health.

How to Eat Eggs

First of all, know that eggs can be eaten cooked and raw in any way. If you eat raw eggs, then know that raw eggs can contain many types of bacteria that can reach your body and harm it. Therefore, eggs should always be cooked and eaten. Actually, there are some such elements in eggs, which benefit the body only after cooking them, while eating eggs raw, those elements are not digested in the body and become the cause of disease. Eggs have the most protein. By eating raw eggs, you absorb only 51% of the total protein present in the egg, whereas when cooked, your body gets up to 91% of the protein. The reason for this is that with increasing temperature, the structure of the proteins present in eggs changes, due to which they are easily digested.

5 Healthiest Ways to Eat Eggs

1. Boiled

Boiled eggs are good to eat depends on how well you cook them. It is a such an easy task. But, very few people know how to boil eggs properly and boil them at the right temperature. Many people put the eggs on high flame in the interest of boiling them quickly, while doing so is wrong. They should not be cooked at high temperature. Cooking at high temperature gives you the protein present in eggs, but many other nutrients are destroyed. Research has found that cooking eggs at very hot temperatures reduces the vitamin A present in it by 17% to 20%. Antioxidants present in eggs also decrease in high heat. Therefore, if you cook eggs for a long time or on high flame, then eating it will harm instead of benefiting health.

2. Poached Egg

It has to cook the egg but without the cell or the kind of medium that makes contact with the pan. This means that you avoid any hard edge. In this the egg white is cooked and the yolk is hot and runny. Just imagine it being mixed with a shiny golgappa on top of an egg shell. If you’re just doing poaching at home, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

3. Fried

One way to make eggs in a healthy way is to fry it and eat it. Start your day in a great way with this delicious Fried Egg. You can include such eggs in breakfast. It is quite easy to cook eggs in this healthy way.

4. To Bake Eggs

Cooked eggs are cooked in a flat-bottomed dish in a hot oven until the egg is set. This method is also very healthy and easy to cook eggs. You can also include eggs in your daily diet routine by trying this method.

5. Omelet

To make an omelet, eggs are beaten, put in a hot pan, and cooked slowly over low heat until they are solid. This method is the easiest and most popular. Omelette is prepared in very less time and it is very healthy to eat.

How to Make Eggs Nutritious

  • If you are fond of eating eggs, then always eat boiled or egg omelet. They are low in calories and high in nutrients.
  • If you want to make eggs even more nutritious, then you should make egg dish and use more and more vegetables in it.
  • Fry the eggs in oils that are stable at high temperatures, such as extra virgin olive oil, butter and coconut oil.
  • Always eat indigenous eggs instead of white eggs. These eggs are dark brown in color. These eggs are very hot, so do not eat more than 2 indigenous eggs at a time.
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