An abscess is the accumulation of pus in a given part of the body, whether internal or external. It frequently occurs in the gums.

Symptoms: The most common symptoms are:

Fever, irritation, inflammation and pain.

Abscess can form in any part of the body: the skin, the brain, the arms, the gums, the teeth, the stomach lining, the ears or the kidneys.

The type of problem caused depends on where the abscess is located.

Causes: The most common cause is infection produced by bacteria, viruses, and fungi which enters the body through an injury or by means of direct contact with the contagion.

Suggested treatment:

In some cases, a small operation is required to open the abscess in order to drain the pus that has accumulated. However, most of time it can be eliminated some natural antibiotic like bee propolis or garlic.

Applying ice to the affected area ease the discomfort and lowers inflammation. It is vital to strengthen the immune system. Therefore it is suggested to take propolis or garlic.


pimples on face and body.

Acne is a small pocket of infected oil in the skin, produced by the sebaceous glands. When this oil is trapped and infected it produces pimples known as acne.

Symptoms: It is generally occurs on the face and back and can become abscesses or deep infected lessons in the skin.

Causes: The production of the hormone testosterone, in men as well as in women, causes the sebaceous glands to grow, producing more oil. Meanwhile, the skin cells near the pore produce keratin produce an amalgamation which blocks the pore causing a blackhead. When the pore is plugged up due to this substance, bacteria begins to accumulate and grows. This inflames the area and forms a pimple.

Suggested treatment daily:

  1. Wash your face with a balanced PH liquid soap every day, morning and night to remove the oil.
  2. Apply propolis cream with aloe vera.
  3. It is a good idea to clean the skin deeply with a cleansing facial mask two times a week, which will remove dirt and oil from the deeper layers of skin.
  4. Take Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, & Vitamin D daily.
  5. It is advisable to use an exfoliating cream periodically. Wash your face with neutral liquid soap. Also, apply a facial mask with a retinol and fruit acids base to slowly correct or mend damaged and mistreated skin.
  6. Take a natural antibiotic like Bee propolis until the infection diminishes.
  7. Acne requires a treatment lasting about 4 to 6 months.

In addition it is suggested:

  1. To eliminate as much sugar and flour as possible, as well as fried foods, butter, chocolate and whole milk.
  2. Increase the consumption of fiber, as well as yogurt, which cleans the stomach and intestine.
  3. Avoid the use of greasy creams or cosmetics.
  4. Avoid oral contraceptives and drugs containing bromides or iodides. Take minerals daily like chromium, selenium.

Avoid soaps that contain sulfides, iodine, bromides or oil.


Protuberance of fleshy tissue that is found in the nose above the throat.

Symptoms: When adenoids are infected, they swell and block the nasal passages causing snoring, breathing through the mouth and nasal voice due to the blocking of secretions in the nose. It can produce nasal infections and this can move into the middle ear.

Causes: The inflammation of the lymphatic ganglion is principally caused by an infection.

Suggested treatment:

Taking large amounts of natural antibiotics like propolis and garlic have given good results.

Also, it is suggested that you take vitamins A, B 5, B 6, C and E, as well as Zinc.

When the adenoids have swollen, if may become necessary to surgically remove them.


Dark brown, colored spots principally found on an adult bodies.

Causes: These spots form due to the accumulation of waste produced by the high production of free radicals in the skin. When there is a high level of toxins in the body’s tissues, it is evidenced by the spots which are produced in one of the most important organs for detoxification: the skin.

Suggested treatment:

It is important to scrub the skin at least once a week with a brush made with natural fibers. More than one pound of sweat, uric acid, dead cells and toxins is general is eliminated through the skin. This would damage healthy cells if not eliminated.

On the other hand, taking Vitamin A, B complex, B 5 or pantothenic acid, D, E as well as calcium and Magnesium is suggested. Yogurt helps digestion and the production of B complex vitamins. Taking Ginseng and Gotu kola is also suggested.

Don’t get too much sun and detoxify your liver by taking Aloe Vera and/or dandelion root.

It is convenient to do a peeling with AHA or with Retin-A since this promotes a change or old skin cells for new ones.


Longevity is acquired when a series of factors come together, such as: acquired diet, exercise, low stress, well-genetics, well being, in addition to taking responsibility for all of the elements involved in good health.


  • Aging of the skin and the cells in all the organs of the body is part of a natural process which is determined by the genes. The immune system plays a large role in this aging process with its operation center located in the thymus gland. When this gland begins to fail, the immune system of the body fails and organs are at the mercy of virus, bacteria, etc.
  • Nutrients that help keep the thymus healthy are Vitamins A, C, and E, along with the minerals Zinc and selenium.


  • On the other hand, it is known that smoking and polluted air produce molecular crossings in cells and these are responsible for skin and tissue hardening which causes brittle and wrinkled skin.
  • This effect of molecular crossing is also produced by free radicals which tend to destroy and disintegrate cells, proteins, and tissues, as well as the heart of cells, the DNA, by oxidation.
  • Free radicals are produced by ultra-violet rays from the sun, by the normal metabolism of certain fats and by polluted air.

Free radicals affect cerebral cells causing old age diseases such as the loss of memory, depression, insomnia, sexual impotency, arteriosclerosis, etc.

Suggestions for increasing life and well being:

Consume Grains: Grains are rich in proteins, minerals and starches.

Two types of grains exist:

  1. Cereal: rice, corn, wheat and oats, and
  2. Legumes: all types of beans – kidney, lentil, lima, garbanzos, soybeans and peas.

Consume Vegetables: There are as many as 5 different types of vegetables: Leafy green, seed pod, flower, stalk and root.

  1. Leafy: Lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, swiss chard, alfalfa, spinach, parsley, mint, grape leaves, cactus, onion tops.
  2. Seed pods: All types of tomatoes, squash, hot peppers, eggplant, green beans, cucumber.
  3. Flower: Cauliflower, broccoli, squash blossoms, artichokes, palm flowers.
  4. Stalks: Celery, asparagus, mushrooms, corn smut.
  5. Roots: Beets, all types of onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, turnips.

The intake of these vegetables should be varied in order to acquire the wide variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Consume fruits: In addition to vitamins and minerals, these products contain monosaccharide sugars which are easily assimilated by the body.

  1. Juice: Orange, grapefruit, lime, grape, mandarin, lemon.
  2. Pulp: Banana, mango, papaya, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, tamarind.
  3. Endosperm: Apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum, quince, prickly pear, fig, grape, guava, kiwi, date, coconut, pomegranate, jicama.

Avocado has more calories than any other fruit. Papaya has the most protein.

Consume tubers: Potatoes and Yams are the most common. These products are high in polysaccharide carbohydrates. The sugars in fruits and tubers provide the most important source of energy for the body.

Other vital elements for good health are:

Fiber: Soluble fiber is find in oats, fruits, vegetables. It helps to lower cholesterol and concentrated sugars in the blood. Insoluble fiber that is found in cereals and legumes is good for the digestive system and protects against cancer of the colon. It is suggested to consume from 20 to 30 grams per day.

Fat: in a good diet, fat should not be omitted, as long as it is not more than 30% of the daily calorie intake.


Allergic dermatitis is a reaction of the skin to certain substances, plants or products. Other it is confused with nervous dermatitis which is caused by nervousness, stress, etc.

It appears as an irritation with itching and sometimes with watery secretions on different parts of the skin and changes in color mainly around the eyes, ears, arms, armpits, neck and the groin.

Causes: This allergy can be caused by foods, plants, household dust, cosmetics, perfumes, hair spray, deodorants or by contact with metals such as gold, silver or nickel.

Other confused with nervous dermatitis which is caused by nervousness, stress etc.

Suggested treatment:

It is suggested to investigate what produced the allergy. Stress, nervousness and emotional problems have a lot of influence on this illness. In either case, whether nervous or allergic dermatitis, it is suggested to drink the same nutrients, the most important being hypoallergenic Aloe-Vera.

It is also suggested to include Royal Jelly and ginseng; these help the brain and the control of the stress which is the cause of some of these illnesses.


An allergy is a reaction by the body to certain substances, such as foods, animal fur, dust or some plants.

The symptoms are: continual sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, ears, throat and skin, and the presence of clear liquid mucous.

Causes: It has been found that in some cases the allergy is due to an inflammation produced in the tissues by some type of bacteria or staphylococcus that continues to irritate this area. The tissues become very sensitive to particular strains of dust, pollen, odors, etc. The allergy is a response by the body, not an illness in itself.

An allergy is a reaction produced mainly by pollen, hay, grass, dogs, cats, household dust, foods, or strong odors like those from certain hair spray or perfumes. In some cases, allergic reactions to foods, especially from certain canned foods, sausages, seafood, etc., can reach toxic levels. For the most part, allergies are hereditary.

The suggested treatment is: 

The determine what things you are allergic to, and avoid them as best as possible. A healthy, well nourished body is more resistant a allergies.

Allergies are generally hereditary and quite frequently psychosomatic.

You should avoid chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits, canned foods, etc., as well as dust and family pets because their fur is a major cause of allergies.

You should study each of these things to try to determine the cause of the allergy. One thing which has been found to be effective is to take something to strengthen the immune system, like bee propolis, minerals and vitamins.

Take out all rugs from your home since they have a tendency to collect lint. Choose pillows made of synthetic materials so they can be washed easily.

It is recommended: to take raw, unfiltered honey everyday. It immunizes the body due to the quantity of pollen it contains. Also, take very small quantities of bee pollen each day , slowly increasing the quantity.


It is manifested as a rejection for food which causes a loss of appetite as well as loss of weight. In several cases, hospitalization may be necessary.

The symptoms are: Total loss of desire to eat, serious weight loss, lack of appetite, hair loss due to lack of proteins and nutrients, vomiting, ceasing of menstrual cycle, low blood pressure, weak pulse.

This illness occurs mostly in young women who fear getting fat. Due to diets without supervision, it causes the stomach to no longer process foods and steadily close down, eventually rejecting all food. If it is not controlled, medical help will be required, since it can be come very serious.

The causes are nervous and psychosomatic in origin. The belief that not eating will help a person to become thinner and the habitual practice of forcing oneself to vomit after eating causes the stomach to become accustomed to not working and close up.

Suggested treatment:

Some doctors recommend taking megadosages of multi-vitamins and multi-minerals.

I have personally treated various cases of anorexia nervosa with good results, giving psychological support to motive eating, and suggesting additional nutrients to be consumed.


Author: Gurlal bhullarI am Gurlal Singh, a fitness trainner and a fitness blogger. I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. My goal is to keep my readers fit and active through my website "". Because only if our body is fit and active then we can move forward in our life and be happy.


I am Gurlal Singh, a fitness trainner and a fitness blogger. I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. My goal is to keep my readers fit and active through my website "". Because only if our body is fit and active then we can move forward in our life and be happy.