When you cut yourself, new cells are produced to replace those lost or eliminated. The reproduction of cells stops when the proper amount has been created. When the cells in a certain part of the body continue reproducing new cells uncontrollably and without any reason, they produce a hard tumor. This is what we call cancer. These cells often move to other parts of the body where they begin to reproduce again.

The DNA that is found in the nucleus of the cell is responsible for keeping the genetic code of cell growth and reproduction. When this code is influenced negatively by some external agent such as smog, pollution, excessive sunlight, etc., or internal agents like toxins, nervous problem, etc., It can cause a loss of control in the production of cells. This result is excessive growth of the cells.

The symptoms depend on the location of the development of the growth. However, most frequently they are: swelling in the form of lumps, whether external or internal that later produce pain and discomfort.

This lump or tumor will affect and/or obstruct the passage of air if it is in the lungs, urine on, if it is in the urinary tract. It will obstruct gastrointestinal functions if it is in the intestine, stomach or colon, etc.

If cancer is caught in time there is a very good chance that it can be cured. For this reason, it is vital that you have regular checkups with your physician.

3 types of cancer exist:

Carcinomas, which affect principally the skin, mucous membranes and the glands

Suggested treatment:

Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera nectar, Vitamins: A, B Complex, Niacin, Folic acid, C, E, Minerals: Multiminerals, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium.

Leukemia, cancer of the blood.

Suggested treatment:

Propolis, garlic, Aloe Vera nectar, Vitamin: B-Complex, B 12, C, E, Minerals: Copper, Iron, Zinc, Helpful: Apples, Broccoli.

Sarcomas & Lipo-sarcomas.

Sarcoma Which affect the muscles, breast, connective tissue and the bones.

Lipo-sarcoma is a malignant tumor of the fatty tissue which usually develops in the abdomen.

Suggested treatment:

Aloe Vera nectar, Vitamins: A, Complex B, C, E, Minerals: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium.

The causes of cancer are not well known. Nevertheless, it is known that cancer is more likely to develop with the presence of certain chemical agents, such as in the case of cigarette smoke, excessive sunlight, exposure to X-rays, certain foods, the environment and heredity.

Other factors exist which can cause the development of cancer, such as:

Stress. The Thymus gland is a pivotal organ of the immune system. Stress has a direct effect on the gland by shrinking it and affecting it negatively, subjecting the body to illness.

Inadequate nutrition. The human body is constructed, repaired and energized by substances found in food. A correct diet helps to re-establish the metabolic balance of cancer patients and thus make them well.

Lack of Exercise. Another element which contributes to cancer is a lazy lifestyle and lack of exercise. Exercise improves the nervous system’s functions, stabilizes glucose, detoxifies the lymphatic system by cleansing it of accumulated toxins.

These elements cause the deterioration of the immune system and include the cells to reproduce out of control.

Suggested treatment:

In the different types of cancer such as: Leukemia, Carcinomas, and Sarcomas, the best suggested treatment is to adequately fortify the body and strengthen the immune system so that the body itself destroys and gets rid of the cancerous cells.

Bee propolis and garlic are a great help for doing this because they provide the body with the vitamins and minerals necessary for the immune system to function efficiently, and thus destroy the cancerous cells.

Colon Cancer:

When foods lack fiber, they remain in the colon for longer periods of time, increasing the  risk of cancer in that area.

In addition, excess fats cause the gallbladder to generate acids that, when accumulated, can become carcinogenic.

The colon prefers fibers that move quickly. Insoluble fibers like those found in raw carrots “fly” through the intestinal system carrying with them any toxic components in their path.

The advantage of these fibers is that they minimize the time of contact of carcinogenic agents which can overrun the intestine. Other vegetables that contain anti-cancerous nutrients are: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, whole oats and alfalfa.

What is eat? A diet rich in nuts, whole grains, carrots, asparagus, apple juice, broccoli and cauliflower.

What to eliminate? Eliminate refined or white flour and sugar, as well as junk food and canned food.

Do not eat animal protein; never eat pork, hot dogs, smoked meats or peanuts. Exercise daily. Consult your physician.

Breast Cancer:

This is the most common type of tumor in women, nevertheless, it is possible to prevent if a woman practice self examination once a month. The prevention is in your hands.


Cataracts are a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque. It becomes difficult to focus on objects and things seem dark to the person.

The whitish or opaque appearance indicates a change in the lens fibers. It is similar to the change in color of an egg white when it is cooked.

Symptoms: Progressive loss of vision, no pain but some sensitivity to light. Sometimes you can see a radiance around points of light.

The most common causes are:

  1. Diabetes and the combination of drinking large quantities of milk and not being able to process galactose, which is a sugar abundant in milk.
  2. Deposits of calcium and cholesterol in the capillaries of the eyes which reduce blood circulation to the eyes.
  3. They can also be caused by a blow or injury to the eye, and by inadequate nutrition.
  4. Too much sun tanning can cause cataracts since the sun’s ultraviolet rays cloud the crystalline lens causing opacity of the lens. The effect light produces on the lens is similar to that of heating an egg white, it becomes opaque. Cataracts also seem to be part of the normal aging process. Also, exposure to X-rays can cause them.

The suggested treatment

Consists of taking vitamins-A, C and B 2. The principal antioxidants in the lens of the eye are vitamin C and E. Both are needed to active glutathione. It has been found that the absence of these vitamins encourages the growth of cataracts.

It is also important to maintain an adequate amount of calcium, vitamins B 5 and E, Selenium and Zinc.

It has been found that cleansing the eyes with extract activator of Aloe Vera improves vision and helps in the elimination of cataracts.


Inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue in the certain areas of the body like: the thighs, the abdomen, the forearms. It comes from an accumulation of fat, proteins, liquids and toxins in the abdomen, the waist, the gluteus and the hips.


Formation in the skin of fatty deposits appearing porous like an orange peel.

Causes: It is believed that it is caused by a poor diet, excessive ingestion of fat or carbohydrates through meats, refined sugar and flour.

The fat you eat is absorbed from your intestine and transported through your blood, either directly or via your liver, to your fat cells. In addition, a lack of exercise and not drinking enough water to contribute to the problem.

Suggested treatment:

Avoid fats, especially fat with sugar and fat with salt.

The combination of fat and sugar promotes the storage of fat in our bodies. When we eat, the glucose level our blood rises, alerting our pancreas to release insulin to reduce blood sugar level. This increased insulin increases our storage of fat which increases our cellulite!

To prevent cellulitis include these foods in your diet:

  • Beet juice
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Seaweed
  • Aloe Juice

Take vitamin -C, vitamin -C helps the active remodeling of collagen.

To eliminate cellulitis use a natural fiber sponge, applying to it a small amount of aloe soap. Rub the sponge in a circular motion on the area with the cellulite. Do this 3 to 5 times a week. Drink the nutritional fiber drink, substituting it for one of the three meals. Sufficient exercise.


Cerebral embolism or Vascular Cerebral blockage occurs when the blood flow which irrigates a certain area of brain cells stops. Causing neurons to die because they stop getting oxygen and nutrients for a certain period of time.

This blockage may be caused by:

Atherosclerosis which produces a blood clot that may come from a different part of the body from a hemorrhage or artery break age.

There is a strong similarity between cerebral embolism and heart attacks. The difference is that in the latter the fibers of the heart muscle die, whereas in the brain the neurons die.

Aneurysm is an arterial dilation or enlargement due to high blood pressure. Aneurysm are very dangerous because they exert pressure on tissues wherever they are found. They can rupture the artery in that area, producing a hemorrhage. The damage depends on the place where the aneurysm is located.

If it is located in the brain, the person may be semi-paralyzed in one member or one eye, etc. This can also occur in other parts of the body.

Symptoms: are related to the functions belonging to the affected area: the movements on one side of the body are generally harmed, including arms, legs and face muscles.

On the other hand, memory functions are affected according to the side of the embolism. For example, if the embolism were on the left side, speaking would be affected. The person would recognize things but he would not know what to call them. He or she would be able to remember what happened in infancy or in the distant past but would not be able to remember what happened a short time age or yesterday. All these symptoms may vary depending on the affected area. Only a study done by a neurologist would be able to determine the situation and the action to be taken.

Causes: High blood pressure, obesity, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, age and smoking are factors which encourage embolism.

Suggested treatment: 

The best treatment is prevention. Physical therapy and speech therapy are normally the best way to rehabilitate; nevertheless, adequate nutrition plays an important role. A diet low in sodium lowers blood pressure; food low in cholesterol will also help prevent embolism.

In addition to this, the intake of garlic should be included, as well as Vitamin -C and B-Complex vitamins which help keep blood vessels strong. Vitamin E will help prevent the formation of blood clots.


Chickenpox is a childhood disease and is produced by a virus. This is a major illness.

Symptoms: An itching occurs with the presence of red pimples which burst and cause ulcers or scabs. These appear on the body and later on the face, arms and legs.

Causes are by contagious contact with others. Symptoms appear 2 or 3 weeks after contact.

Suggested treatment:

It generally disappears by itself, however, it is recommended to apply Aloe Vera activator extract or Aloe Vera gelatin on each blister. This eliminates itching and helps healing. It is also recommended to take bee propolis and garlic to strengthen the immune system and eliminate infections.


Cholera is an illness caused by contagious and dangerous bacteria. It causes a very serious case of diarrhea.

Symptoms and signs: Strong and frequent diarrhea which starts suddenly and is as much as a liter an hour. The excrement is runny and grayish, without fecal odor, sometimes containing blood or pus. Bilious vomiting. Extreme thirst. It causes a rapid and dangerous dehydration of the person.

Causes: Caught through contaminated food, dirty hands, contaminated water on contact with an infected person.

Suggested treatment:

Consult your physician immediately. This illness can be fatal if it is not treated immediately. While waiting for a doctor, drink a lot of water with salt and sugar prepared in the following manner: “Mix a teaspoon of salt, 4 teaspoons of sugar and a liter of water. Repeat this every time you finish it. Do not stop drinking water.

Take large amounts of bee propolis as a natural antibiotic. You can take a little of Aloe Vera juice mixed with the rehydrating drink. Follow the advise and take the medication prescribed by your physician.





Author: Gurlal bhullarI am Gurlal Singh, a fitness trainner and a fitness blogger. I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. My goal is to keep my readers fit and active through my website "". Because only if our body is fit and active then we can move forward in our life and be happy.


I am Gurlal Singh, a fitness trainner and a fitness blogger. I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. My goal is to keep my readers fit and active through my website "". Because only if our body is fit and active then we can move forward in our life and be happy.