There is a meditation room in the United Nations building in New York called a room of silence. Light streams into this room as from the unseen source overhead. The greatest of men and women have known the value of meditation in their lives, from Buddha, to Jesus, to Gandhi. They knew the power, the worth, the satisfaction, and the peace of meditation. Meditation creates a union and a sense of oneness at the center of our existence. At times, our mistake is in seeking separateness by flaunting our individuality and wanting to be different, special, or unique from everyone else. We say: “See how wonderful I am!”
The biggest mistake that we make is alienating ourselves from nature. We all have experienced moments when we have felt a part of the whole. In these fleeting moments, such as standing outside on a starry night, our higher consciousness is trying to seep through. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore it. The next time you find yourself outside, take a moment and sit. Look around you, and see and feel the single petal on flower. Focus your full attention on a bird singing. Feel its joy and be as it is . Bring your awareness to a single blade of grass, to the drop of dew on its tip, and see the ocean reflected there. How are you different from the flower, the bird, and the grass? Are you not also rooted in the earth? Are you not also reaching heavenward? Eternity is made up of now and now and now. Isn’t your life a serious of nows? Why should you separate yourself from the wholeness, the oneness – from eternity?
Until you are experienced with this posture, it is important that you always have a teacher, or someone trained in yoga practice, standing next to you. Your hands should be about six inches from a wall. Remember, it is important that not to move your elbows as you get into position. If you move your arms inward, you will not have a solid base and may fall to the side. If you move your arms outward, you will place weight on your head or your neck, which also is incorrect. Raise your hips so that you are standing on your toes. Wald forward to bring your toes as close to your body as you can. Bending you knees, bounce gently on your toes as close to your body as you can. Bending your knees, bounce gentle on your toes as close to your body as you can. Bending your knees, bounce gently on your toes until you can bend your knees and bring both feet off the floor at the same time. Your knees remain bent. Slowly straighten your knees and raise your legs upward. The wall is behind you, so you will not fall backward. If you wish, you may rest your feet on the wall to get a better feeling of security. To come down, bend your knees and draw them down to your chest. Straighten your knees and lower your feet until your toes touch the floor. It is important to lower yourself down slowly, to keep from landing with your knees to the floor. Do not stand up immediately or you will feel dizzy. Once you have lowered your toes to the floor, rest in this position for a few moments. Then, inhale and raise your body to an upright kneeling position. You may not want to try this posture if you have neck problems.
Ascending Breath.
Take a balance stance with your feet below your hips. Your arms are at your sides. Inhale, bend your elbows, and raise your hands to waist level with your palms facing downward. Exhale, bend your knees, and push down with your hands. Inhale, straighten your knees, and push your hands out to your sides. Exhale, bend your knees, and push your hands down. Inhale, straighten your knees, and push your hands up over your head. Exhale and let your hands float down to your sides. This is a very relaxing posture. Try to do the complete rotation three times.
Sitting Side Stretch.
Sir cross-legged on the floor. Lean to the left and place your left palm float on the floor. Bend to the left, starting from your waist. Inhale, lift your chest high, and stretch your right arm over your head. Keep your buttocks on the floor. Your body is supported by your left arm. Breathe deeply. On your exhalation lower your body and right arm, and return to a centered sitting position. Repeat for the other side of the body.
Relaxation/Meditation: The Fountain of Light
Your success in relaxation and meditation basically depends on your openness and participation in each journey you take. Let me tell you the story of the fountain of light: Several individuals go to the fountain of light in their meditations. Each one approaches it differently, even though all have an equal thirst for it. Some only dip into it lightly, and quickly depart from it. Others stay longer and fill themselves a little more before leaving. But then, someone approaches the fountain with the lightness, the trust, and the innocent faith of a child, and, lo and behold, this person jumps right into the center of the fountain. When he departs, there is a new sparkle in his eyes and new laughter on his lips. My question to you is: Will you jump in? Will you fill and reward yourself?
Begin by relaxing your body to the floor – centered, released, and relaxed. Empty your mind of everything but this experiencing, this precious moment of now. Let your breath take you down, down, and deeper within yourself – your real self. Do this now.
Learning to get go to the things that prevent you from finding the joy and the bliss you desire can be as simple as making a choice, a positive decision to change. You must allow yourself to take that leap of faith and jump in! Think for a moment: What is it that is stopping you? Think about this now.
Imagine that you are writing your problem down on a piece of paper.
Don’t try to push this thought or the problem aside. You’ll get rid of it right now.
Picture your piece of paper poised a couple of feet above your closed eyes. Every time you exhale, picture a thin film of mist leaving you and traveling up to that piece of paper. The mist begins to surround the piece of paper like the film of a translucent bubble. Do this now.
Completely surround the piece of paper, and let the paper float freely within the bubble you have created.
It should be complete. On your next exhalation, set the bubble free and let it begin to drift upward. With each exhalation, let it continue to rise higher and higher.
This shouldn’t be difficult. Breathe normally. The bubble is very light and will rise quite easily. Simply watch it do so.
The bubble is taking your problem with it. See it grow further and further away.
It is nearly out of sight, growing smaller and more distant, up and finally out of sight. Doesn’t it feel good? Do you feel released? Do you feel free? You let this problem go for your self.
Every change, every choice we make is a step forward, even though it doesn’t always seem so at the time. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be. The choices and changes that we make are the ones we should make at that particular time. If you are still in doubt, still holding back and holding on, then, simply watch the spot where that bubble disappeared. The magical, wonderful, and loving force that always watches over you will send a message back. Watch.
Keep watching and it will appear. Stay relaxed, trusting, and open.
Can you see it? It is the beautiful, translucent bubble drifting slowly down toward you, again.
See how it pauses above you once more? Do you see the paper inside? It’s a message for you. Are you ready for it? If you are, see yourself reach up, burst the bubble, and take the piece of paper in your hands. Read it.
It says: “The fountain of light welcomes you. Your leap of faith will reward you with more love, more clarity, than you have ever witnessed before! Bathe within that light. Swim in it, as if propelled by a fuel of fins. Float in the froth of the surface. But always be in it and of it, whatever the level of your experience. You have claimed your inheritance.” Is this what you read? This is the message. If you did not see it this time, it will be there next time, and the next time. Relax for a moment, and experience how you feel right now.
Come back to the room around you, to this experiencing. As you bring your body back to aliveness, stretch gently and affirm: “My body is relaxed and my mind is peaceful. I am whole and complete just as I am at this moment, and this moment is perfect!” Stretch into the full awareness of your body, your releasing yawn, and the new smile upon your lips. Welcome home!
Nature is a very special friend. It can teach us many wonderful and useful things that helps us grow, be more content, more connected with our natural essence, more spontaneous to life, and more complete. Unfortunately, we sometime don’t listen to our friend. Can we learn to hear before it is too late.
We have forgotten to be aware of the life beyond that which we are. Nature/humankind is but one movement, each an echo of the other. Nature is but one expression, even though consciousness draws it to itself in different realities. The ultimate intelligence – God, if you wish – is expressed in many forms and is not the sole privilege of humankind. In other words, intelligence is One in many physical identities. We live in a very hazy, distorted reflection what truly is. When we look into the depths of water, we can see what is reflected all around. However, we don’t realize that when we view all life around us directly, void of the water, that too is a reflection of the real world. Why? Because we are looking with expressions, not with openness. Openness requires a certain amount of humility. Unfortunately, we often don’t want to humble ourselves. Some of us have no trouble identifying with the animal kingdom. We talk to our animals. But very, few of us identify with the plant kingdom. Some of us have learned to talk to our house plants, but when was the last time we talked to a tree?
The way in which we perceive the things outside ourselves is a reflection of our inner nature. In life, we should always seek knowing, rather than knowledge. Knowledge is only a multitude of accumulated facts and second hand information that doesn’t make us more evolved than the storehouse knowledge of a computer. Knowing, on the other hand, firsthand experience is the living world. Knowing is timeless and spaceless. It is bound by no laws. Knowing is information in movement, keep free and spontaneous. Life is not revealed by building up layer upon layer of stored information. Life is grasping each new now.
Life is learning to be responsive rather than reactive. Reactiveness is generally predictable, worn, dead, and automatic. Responsiveness is truer to the moment, to the situation, and is the result of this now. When you perceive the now – the is – you will find a moment of infinite tenderness and joy where you will not only hear the sound, but also the silence that surrounds it. You will not only see the form, but also the space of which it is formed. What an exciting experience this will be! It is worth every effort. It is whole new aspect of life that more of us need to get in touch with.

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