If your question is “Does green tea have caffeine?” then the answer is “Yes“. You might not know, but green tea also contains caffeine. The caffeine present in green tea also leads to many health problems. 227 grams of green tea contains 24 to 45 milligrams of caffeine. Like other teas, if you consume more green tea then caffeine makes your heartbeat irregular. This makes you feel nervous and you start teasing on small things.
But that doesn’t mean we should not drink green tea. Because if we take anything more than we need, it is a loss. So we should not drink more than two cups of green tea a day.
First of all we will talk about the benefits of green tea.

Green Tea Benefits

For Weight Loss

Green tea contains zero calories, which is also helpful in reducing weight. When you lose weight, the sensitivity of insulin increases, which works to reduce the blood sugar level. Catechin present in green tea reduces the effect of insulin. This may reduce the effects of carbs.

For the Brain

Consumption of green tea can also be beneficial for the brain. Actually, a research done on this subject has revealed that green tea can improve the functioning of the brain along with reducing anxiety.
In addition, it may also exhibit positive effects in increasing concentration. Research suggests that all of these benefits may have a combined effect of the caffeine and l-theanine (l-theanine – a type of chemical) present in green tea. In such a situation, it can be consumed in balanced quantities.

For cholesterol

According to a report from Harvard Medical School, green tea can lower levels of harmful cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart diseases.

For Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, polyphenol (catechin) is responsible for the tea’s anti-cancer properties. The most reliable of these is EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). It can fight free radicals and protect cells from DNA damage. Polyphenols present in green tea can also improve the immune system process.

For Bones

Green tea intake can also be beneficial for bones. This can be followed by bioactive compounds present in green tea. Indeed, its intake may reduce the risk of fracture by improving bone mineral density. On the other hand, it can improve osteoblastic activities (osteoblastic activities – bone formation) by reducing osteoclastic activities (bone breakdown process) activities.

For Longevity

The benefits of green tea are many, longevity is also one of the same benefits. Green-tea can prevent many diseases by increasing immunity. As we mentioned above, green tea can help in the prevention of diseases such as bone problems, cancer and diabetes. On the other hand, according to an American study, caffeine intake can also cause many physical problems. According to research, excessive intake of caffeine can also increase the risk of sleep problems, restlessness, lack of calcium in the body and fractures.

Under Stress

A study conducted on mice found that polyphenols present in Green-Tea produce antidepressant effects. Its antidepressant properties may prove beneficial in stress conditions. On the other hand, the caffeine present in green tea can also play an important role in the treatment of stress. It increases mental performance and makes brain cells active. As a result, stress reduces and you feel relaxed.

For Glowing Skin

Along with health, green tea also has benefits for the skin. Making green tea a part of your daily routine can work wonders and bring glow to your skin. Green tea contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B2 which helps in maintaining skin health. Vitamin B2 helps to keep the skin young and firm, while vitamin E helps in developing new skin cells and also makes the skin soft and shiny.

Boost Immune System

It contains an element called catechins, which boosts the immune system. Due to the boost of immunity, the body avoids the damage from oxidants. If the immune system is strong, then you are protected from many autoimmune diseases.

Here’s why to Avoid Large Amount of green Tea


You know about the presence of caffeine in coffee, but caffeine is also present in green tea. Although the amount of caffeine in green tea is much less than that of coffee, excessive intake of green tea throughout the day can cause dangerous diseases. This can cause you to have stomach problems, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea and other health problems.

In pregnancy

Excessive consumption of green tea can harm you rather than in health, even during pregnancy or after the birth of a baby. Higher intake can increase the chances of miscarriage. Drinking more than two cups of green tea a day can be dangerous for pregnant women in many ways.


Although there is no direct connection between green tea and osteoporosis, drinking a large amount of green tea increases the amount of calcium that is excreted through the urine. In this way, there can be a lot of calcium deficiency in the body, which causes diseases like osteoporosis.

Testosterone Deficiency

According to a research conducted in Brazil, intake of green tea in excess reduces the level of testosterone in the body. This research also revealed that reducing the intake of green tea or increasing its quantity helps in normalizing testosterone levels.

Loss of Appetite

Excessive consumption of green tea can reduce your hunger, which you cannot get the right diet and your body does not get the required amount of nutrients. This way your body can become weak.

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