Prostate is the swelling of the male sexual “prostate” gland.

Symptoms are: Pain in the lower abdomen between the scrotum and anus, fever, frequent desire to urinate, blood or pus while urinating, difficulty urinating, and impotence. If the problem continuous a tumor may be formed.

The main causes are: The swelling and natural enlargement of the prostate which generally occurs in older people. This causes pressure on the urethra which in turn causes urine to be retained in the bladder resulting in a difficulty to urinate.

This swelling is commonly caused by an infection in another part of the body.

In the case of not being able to urinate at all, you should try urinating seated in a tub with cool or lukewarm water which reaches your waist. If still unable to urinate, a catheter will need to be utilized.

Suggested treatment:

The American Medical Association and studies done in Canada, Sweden, and Japan have demonstrated with 80% efficiency the great benefits of bee pollen, principally due to its high content of Zinc and hormones.

Drinking a lot of pure water is recommended since this prevents kidney infections and cystitis.


Psoriasis is a disease which causes skin cells to reproduce themselves every other day instead of every 21 days and this produces excessive peeling. It is not contagious.

Symptoms are: Redness in certain areas of the body, with pearl color scales which are constantly peeling off, irritation and in some cases bleeding. This occurs mainly on elbows, knees, arms, hands, legs, chest, abdomen, groin, neck and ears. Fingernails and toenails lose their shine and become rigid and brittle.

The cause is unknown, however, it is known that there is a great psychosomatic influence because the problem increases with nervousness and stress. This lack of polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 in the body is related to this disease.

Correct reproduction of the cells is carried out due to the balance maintained by two substances called cyclic AMP and GMP. When the delicate balance between these two substances is broken, the production of the skin cells gets out of control and results in psoriasis.

It has been found that a poor digestion of proteins produces of toxic amino acid which breaks down this balance. Vitamin A or beta-carotene stops the formation of the toxic substance and helps prevent psoriasis.

Suggested treatment

Dr. Murray Pizzorno recommends a complete detoxification of the body because there is a considerable number of toxins involved in psoriasis, including some bacteria. What these toxins do is to increase cyclic GMP, breaking down the balance in maintain with the AMP which increases the cell production.

A lack of fiber in the diet helps the accumulation of toxins in the intestine.

A deficiency in the liver function encourages the formation of psoriasis. One of the liver’s functions is to filtrate toxins and bacteria. When this fails, these toxins enter the blood and contribute to the formation of poliamine which again produce an imbalance between AMP and GMP. As a result, the increase in excess production of the skin cells.


Pulmonary Emphysema is characterized by the destruction of the little sacks in the lungs. It reduces their size and makes them hard and inelastic. This causes state air to accumulate inside of them.

Symptoms are: breathing difficulty due to the hardening of the membrane which covers the lungs, coughing with phlegm and anxiety.

Causes: Smoking polluted air, a lack of some of the nutrients which are destroyed by smoking.

Suggested treatment:

A place with clean air. Also take vitamins C, A and E and B-complex. Proteins are good to build up damaged tissue and therefore the intake of them is recommended.

PYORRHEA Gum Disease

Pyorrhea is an infection of the gums and the base of teeth.

The Symptoms are: irritation and pain in the gums, secretion of pus, swelling and loose teeth which fall out in many occasions.

The most frequent causes are: A lack of oral hygiene, a lack of vitamin C and bioflavenoids which causes poor circulation. Niacin improves circulation.

Suggested treatment:

Bee propolis and garlic are very convenient to fight this infection. Apply a small amount of aloe vera with propolis toothpaste on the are several times a day.


Rabies is a disease produced by a virus which attacks the immune system and is transmitted through saliva. It is also known as hydrophobia due to the rejection of water that people or animals have which are affected by the disease. This is a dangerous and fatal disease. It is transmitted by the bite of an animal such as: dogs, rats, cats, etc.

Symptoms: The incubation time for this virus is from 9 days to several months. A slight fever, loss of appetite, headache, hyperactivity, confusion and in some cases, attacks. The person is generally very thirsty but when he/she try to drink water, violent and painful spasms are caused in the throat which keeps the person from drinking. That is why it is called hydrophobia, that is, a phobia or rejection of water.

Another symptoms is facial paralysis and paralysis of the eye muscles. 20 days after the symptoms appear, the person can enter a state of comma and the dies.

Suggested treatment: when you are bitten by the animal:

  1. Watch the animal. It is become very sad or restless, reacts when drinking water, and/or shows a lot of saliva and has no appetite, sometimes gets wild or crazy, or the animal dies after 5 to 7 days, the animal may have rabies! If the person feels itching or pain in the area of the bite, has difficulty swallowing in addition to a lot of thick saliva, spends periods of time at peace and others restless, or has convulsions, be careful, he or she may have rabies!
  2. In any situation, keep the animal tied up for 8 to 10 days to watch it. It possible, take it to the dog pound or health center so they can check it. In case of a bite, wash the wound with aloe vera liquid soap and peroxide. Don’t let the wound close and apply bee propolis cream, first aid mix or aloe vera gelatin.
  3. If you see anything suspicious about the animal that bit you and you couldn’t take it to get it checked, go to a health clinic and get a rabies and tetanus vaccination.

If the rabies vaccine is given before symptoms occur, the person will recover. But if the symptoms occur, rabies can’t be stopped and it is the possible the person may die.


Rheumatic Fever is an infection caused by streptococcus bacteria and occurs mainly in children from 4 to 8 years of age.

Symptoms: Its effects are generally in the joints, in the brain, in the heart and skin.

Causes: Contagion from another person; a cold.

Suggested treatment:

Since this disease is produced by a bacteria, it is recommended to take a natural antibiotic like bee propolis, garlic or aloe vera juice; the three have antibacterial properties. Also take Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. Salt consumption must be diminished or eliminated.


An infections and epidemic disease which affects mainly children.

Symptoms: Sudden appearance of a high temperature, sore throat and vomiting. A rush appears during the first two days composed of big red spots with dark dots. The rash starts on the chest and then spreads to the rest of the body.

Causes: Contagion. This is very contagious disease during the two weeks that the rash is present.

Suggested treatment:

This disease can be combated through natural antibiotics like bee propolis, lots of liquid and rest. Symptoms can be relieved by a mix of aloe vera gelatin and extract applied on the rash. Consult your physician.


Sciatica is a pain which starts at the lower back and runs along the sciatic nerve through one or both legs. It is the longest nerve in the body.

Symptoms: A shooting pain or spasm in the lower back and along the sciatic nerve that runs from the hip through the thigh to the ankle.

The causes are: Trauma, hernia, a ruptured or slipped disc in the lumbar vertebrae – 3, 4, & 5 and the coccyx.

The inflammation of the the nerve is called neuritis.

The principal suggested treatment is: Rest and applications a hot water and later cold on the lower back and on the leg.

  • Rest
  • Stretching. Sit on a bed or chair. Carefully lower your head towards your knees 15 to 20 times, using your hands to help your straighten up.
  • Afterwards, massage hot aloe lotion with eucalyptus into the sore area.
  • In addition, take vitamins B 1, B 12 & E.


  1. Frigidity , Impotency
  2. Female Sterility

Frigidity and impotency is the inability to feel pleasure and not being able to reach orgasm during sexual relations.

Causes for frigidity are generally due to psychological problems such as a trauma in childhood, marital problems, stress, a lack of vaginal lubrication or an incorrect diet.

Suggested treatment for frigidity as well as impotence covers two aspects: The physical aspect and the mental or psychological aspect.

  1. A)physical Aspect of Frigidity:

First: check with a doctor to see if there isn’t any organic interference.

Second: Taking ginseng, royal jelly and pollen is recommended for frigidity and impotence since are powerful aphrodisiacs and energizers, and these elements also contain a series of hormones which are necessary for the sexual process. It is very important to also take vitamin E and minerals because zinc and vitamin E are essential for the formation of sperm and the correct functioning of the sexual glands in men as well as in women.

Adding olive oil, avocados and nuts to the diet is recommended for women because these elements will help increase vaginal lubrication.

  1. B) Mental or Psychological Aspect:

If the problem is a emotional one, talking to a psychologist may be very helpful.

Also, hormones and vitamins B 1, B 6 and B 12 should be increased. These vitamins are found in large quantities in royal jelly and ginseng; if taken, they will increase sexual appetite and will also increase the person’s mental concentration.

Sterility (inability to have child)


  1. a) Sterility in women many times is caused by a lack of lubrication. Without it, the sperm can’t move so as to reach the ovum. Some specialists on this subject recommended using egg white as a lubricant during the days of ovulation, the egg white is pure protein which causes the sperm to survive as well as to move.
  2. b) As you sure you are ovulating? If you are not ovulating you cannot get pregnant. Evidence of your ovulation is a change in your vaginal mucus from a clear color to yellow and from a thin consistency and to a thick one in the middle of your menstrual cycle. Cramps and abdominal swelling during each cycle are signs that show you are ovulating.
  3. c) Calculate the day of major ovulation and have sexual relations during this time.
  4. d) If you want to get pregnant, it is recommended not to douche your vagina nor apply any cream during your ovulation.
  5. e) It was discovered in a study done by the (National Institute for the Development of Health Science) that woman who drank more than one cup of coffee, chocolate, cola soft drinks or black tea got pregnant less frequenty.
  6. f) A woman who is too thin or too fat generally has an estrogen imbalance. Maintain a correct weight.


Sinus Condition is a swelling of the membranes in the frontal, nasal and maxillary sinuses due to infected mucus accumulated inside them.

Symptoms: A headache mainly in the forehead, cloudy vision and pain in the frontal and maxillary sinuses.

Causes: Sinusitis is generally produced by infected mucus, by bacteria in these areas and also by a chronic cold.

Suggested treatment:

  1. Take large quantities of a natural antibiotic like garlic and bee propolis, for at least 15 days; then decrease use until the problem disappears.
  2. Also rub forehead and the sides of the nose with warm aloe vera lotion.
  3. Apply drops of aloe vera extract inside the nose 3 or more times.
  4. Breath water vapor which has warm aloe vera and eucalyptus lotion added in order to loosen mucus.





Author: Gurlal bhullarI am Gurlal Singh, a fitness trainner and a fitness blogger. I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. My goal is to keep my readers fit and active through my website "". Because only if our body is fit and active then we can move forward in our life and be happy.


I am Gurlal Singh, a fitness trainner and a fitness blogger. I want to use my skills, my experience, and my own journey to help others. My goal is to keep my readers fit and active through my website "". Because only if our body is fit and active then we can move forward in our life and be happy.