The ancestral Aloe Vera is a plant that evolved from the lilac family, in which garlic is also a member. Both possess great curative and nutritive properties.

Aloe Vera, with its curative and regenerative properties, is mentioned in Bible passages as well as in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, carried by Alexander the great on this conquests as the only palliative for bruises and injuries.

In modern times, Aloe Vera is being rediscovered. Now, however, it has undergone more series and in depth investigations, including laboratory analysis and controlled clinical tests that assure the effectiveness of its curative properties.

The aloe vera plant contains its greatest nutritional properties at 2 to 3 years of age.

The succulent aloe vera gel is obtained from within the leaves, from which it is necessary to remove the peel of skin, leaving a slimy, sticky, gelatin-like tissue containing tremendous medicinal properties.

This marvelous gel cannot be exposed to the elements for more than 2 hours since it tends to oxidize easily, thus losing some of its therapeutic properties. This makes it necessary to subject it to a stabilization process, or refrigeration to neutralize the undesirable effects of oxygenation.

What are the properties in Aloe that make it such a marvelous natural product for health and beaut?

  1. Pain Inhibitor

Aloe-vera reduces pain upon application to the affected area. Unlike the majority of other products available. It has the ability to penetrate very deeply. Aloe-vera blocks pain in the deep layers of skin due to its active components and their power to penetrate and ease inflammation.

  1. Anti-inflammatory – Anti-allergenic

Aloe works in a way similar to steroids, like cortisone, but without the harmful side effects. Several compounds in aloe are responsible for these actions. The most important are Glycoproteins, which inhibit and actually break down Bradykinin, a major mediator of pain and inflammation, and also have various Anthraquinones, and Salicylates the same anti-inflammatory and pain killing agents found in aspirin. Aloe is very helpful in healing skin abrasions and burns because it contains magnesium lactate, a substance that inhibits the histamine reactions made by the immune system in response to irritants.

One important thing to remember is that aloe does not contain cortisone, but has enzymes and others elements which work extremely well in relieving soreness in affected areas.

  1. Healing Action

Aloe-Vera has very high levels of calcium and potassium and zinc, as well as Vitamins C and E in Aloe Vera. These minerals promote the formation of a net of fibers that trap the red corpuscles of the blood, thus speeding the healing process. Calcium is a very important element in the proper function of the nervous system, and in the use of muscles. It is great catalyst in all healing.

  1. Energizer

Aloe helps to promote good metabolism, that is, the production of energy which the body needs. Also, because it contains Vitamin C, it acts to stimulate and improve circulation and the proper function of the body and therefore we must provide it externally. This vitamin is very important in the strengthening of the immune system, circulatory and digestive systems and plays a role in prevention of a vast amount of illnesses.

  1. Digestive

Aloe contains a great number of enzymes. Some enzymes are produced by the body but others are not, and these need to be supplied to the body externally. In the digestive process the enzymes transform proteins by breaking them down into their amino acids components, carbohydrates into sugars, and fats into fatty acids. The transformed elements are then absorbed by the intestine and passed on the circulatory system.

One component of Aloe, aloin, is used as laxative. The aloin is extracted from the outer rind of the leaf.

In gastrointestinal problems, Aloe appears to slow down the emptying of the stomach and to inhibit the release of excess hydrochloric acid and the enzyme pepsin.

We recommend to take Aloe starting with low dose, one or two ounces a day and see how your body responds, them this quantity.

  1. Detoxification

Due to the potassium which it contains, aloe vera improves and stimulates the liver and the kidneys, the principal organs of detoxification. Aloe contains uronic acid which eliminates toxic materials within the cells.

The first time aloe is ingested it tends to cause a slight case of diarrhea because it causes an initial cleansing of the intestines, from bacteria as well as from food stuck in the folds or in the diverticulum.

  1. Aloe in Beauty Care

It is well known that Nefertiti and Cleopatra used aloe for their beauty treatments. Now aloe has become a tradition in beauty care, being an important elements in many types of beauty products. Facial cleansing is important for keeping your face soft and supple. This is especially important because your skin is exposed to so many elements, such as: wind, dust and sun, which cause it to lose some of its youthful features. Aloe has two components: lignin and polysaccharide, which truly penetrate the three layers of skin, the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis, and clean out bacteria, like oil deposits that block your pores. Also, the natural  nutrients, like minerals, vitamins, the 19 amino acids and enzymes, stimulate the reproduction of new cells, replacing the dead skin cells. If the epidermis can’t get rid of these cells glands won’t be able to function correctly. Infections begin to form in the skin. Because of its power to regenerate, heal, tone, and its ability to penetrate deeply, it is used in moisturizing creams, night creams, masks, shampoos, toning creams and facial cleansing creams etc. It is also used in suntan and other skin protection lotions.

Aloe is also used in creams for muscular and rheumatic pain and stiffness. Also, in gelatin form it is used to combat acne.

Aloe easily combines with many different natural products and household products, like shampoos and cleansers.


Bee pollen and honey are the only food sources found that contain the 22 nutrients required for balanced nutrition, and thus for complete health.

35 grams of bee pollen daily fulfills the body’s daily requirements of protein.

28 minerals have been found in the body, of which 14 are vital. Be pollen contains all 28.

“In order for the body to correctly utilize been pollen and to be assimilated by the intestine, it needs to be micronized, that is, ground up into extremely small particles. It should also be mixed perfectly to obtain a homogenous blend of pollen of all the region’s flowers. This way it will have an equal amount of all the nutritional components. These nutritional components contained in the pollen depend on the type of flower the bee gathers the pollen from.”

From a practical point of view, it has been found that the beneficial effects of bee pollen help by:

Regulating the appetite; reestablishing lost appetite in cases of anorexia, as well as regulating in the cases of obesity.

Regulating how the intestine functions, combating diarrhea and improving digestion.

Eliminating feelings of fatigue and tiredness, and cerebral and muscular weakness.

Bee pollen helps produce superior athletes

For many years Russians, who attend the Olympic Games, bring home the majority of the medals. For decades the Russians have searched for the correct nutritional balance to produce superior athletes.

They are convinced that been pollen gives extra energy and vigor. The record of success that the Russians have had confirms the theory, Russian athletes, and now American athletes as well, have come to the conclusion that using natural products like bee pollen helps make superior and more efficient athletes.


It has been found that Royal Jelly helps give the Queen Bee a great vitality which not only allows her to make thousands of eggs daily but also gives her a longevity of up to 30 times that of bees which don’t feed on this nectar, Biologists and apiculturists have done studies to see if this product which does so much for the Queen Bee can have positive results for humans as well. They have found that they produce superb results of vitality and health.

The Queen Bee increases to 2000 times its original weight in its first week of life, doubling its length in the same period, and reaching its maturity in less time than the drones. Once the larva that will become Queen Bee has been chosen, only she can feed on the Royal Jelly, nourishment which brings great fortitude, vitality, and longevity.

Royal Jelly is a milky-white, gelatin-like substance that is produced by the worker bees through a gland that is found in its phalanx. No one knows for certain all of the beneficial effects, but what is known that in humans it produces great vitality and cellular rejuvenation.

It has been found that Royal Jelly possesses a large amount of Acetylcholine. This substance is one of the principal transmitters of nerve impulses. The absence of this neurochemical can bring as a consequence many disorders to the nervous system.


Bees couldn’t leave the protection and security of their beehive in the hands of enemies of the kingdom: viruses, bacterial, fungi, etc. Which are formed by the decomposition of pests that enter the swarm. Some examples are creatures like worms, rats, moths, spiders, etc. To combat these, they discovered a resin that comes from the bark of trees which they process and use to close cracks in the honeycomb. Today the resin is known as propolis, and it has fantastic antibiotic properties. This is how the bees protect and maintain the honey and the entire honeycomb germ-free.

Aristotle used propolis as a remedy for many different illnesses, and Pliny used it for skin sores in some nervous disorders, propolis-based treatment gave good results. In modern times a balm made from propolis and petroleum jelly was used in wartime to fight infections from wounds.

Russian and Polish researchers found that propolis was effective against bacillus from tuberculosis and equally effective against certain types of fungi resistant to common treatments, like “candidiasis.”

It has been proven that one of the characteristics of bee propolis is that is strengthens the defenses of the organism, or its immune system, which makes it doubly effective against all types of infections. Beginning in the seventies, a great interest began to grow in the study of this product in Yugoslavia, Russia and Poland, and other parts of the world. A French scientist named Lavie, as well as a Polish pharmaceutical laboratory, have demonstrated the great properties that propolis  has against certain types of Fungi and Bacteria.

Has no side effects

No side effects are known of its internal and external use. Even the ingestion of larger quantities produces only a slight case of diarrhea, without other complications. Some people nevertheless could show signs of some small allergic reaction, Which simply means that they should start with smaller doses.

Bee propolis is found on the market in the form of dark brown syrup and also in 500 mg. pills.


Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated by the bee. The bee can sting, but it can also produce substances that have been used by man both for medicinal purposes as well as delicious foods. Bee produce honey, pollen, and propolis. The Asians have used propolis to cure injuries and tumors. The Greeks used it to cure wounds and abscesses. Writhing from ancient Persia, the Hebrews and the Bible all mention propolis and honey.

jar of honey with honeycomb on wooden table

After flying long distances, bee find themselves among thousands of chalices of open flowers, all of which they buzz to hungry to drink the nectar which they collect. They gather the flower’s sugary sap in their glands. The bees suck in the juice with their long tongue and pass it to their honey stomach where it is processed with its saliva, transforming it from a complex honey into honey that is easy to digest, one such as levulose and fructose. This process is done with the help of an enzyme that is found in the digestive tract of the bee.

The purest honey is the natural honey, from which the Pollen and Royal Jelly that is contains are not removed, such as the honey collected from hives in the high deserts of Arizona and other states, far from contamination and pesticides. These bee products, collected by means of the most modern methods, guarantee the purest and most unequaled product.



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